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11-20-13 Nick said “Thank you for all the information regarding the house and its systems. Thank you also for your explanations and step by step process not to leave any stone unturned and your professionalism.”
10-31-13 Kathy said “Thank you for your services today. It was a pleasure working with you.”
10-30-13 Heather said “Thank you very much!!”
10-24-13 Ann said “Thank you so much for the detailed report (on the property) for our Client. We appreciate your professionalism and promptness.”
10-17-13 Joe said “Thank you. Very satisfied. you have a deep knowledge of the subject matter and presented the findings in a caring way in front of the Sellers. I mentioned to my Dad about inspecting his home once it’s completed – he is on board – I’ll call you next spring about that job. Thanks Joe!”
9-25-13 Wes said “This report looks great.”
9-25-13 Lori said “Thank you very much. I think you did an exceptional job and I do feel safer for having this done. You will be recommended by me for sure!”
8-28-13 Lee said “ Thank you, Joe. I received the report. Thank you, also, for working not only for the buyer, but with the seller as well.”
8-22-13 “S”  said “Thank you for the thorough inspection and report. I learned a thing or tow about homes today by following you around.”
8-15-13 Jaime said “I would just like to say Thank you!! You were so helpful and thorough.I will be referring anyone I can your way. Thank you so very much for making that a pleasant experience and also willing to help the County Inspector.”

8-3-12 Jim S. said: "I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did yesterday."
8-2-12 Michelle R. said: "Thanks so much for such an in depth inspection report. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Pleasure meeting you."
7-27-12 Scott S. said: "Thank you Joe! I really appreciate your help and expertise."
7-10-12 Gary C. said: "Thank you for the report and for an awesome job! We appreciate your time and expertise in the matter of inspecting our future home."
6-20-12 Adam E. said: "Thanks for all your help Joe, really enjoyed your services."
6-13-12 Gino G. said: "Thank you for everything! We really enjoyed meeting you and were thrilled with your knowledge/expertise (and we're picky...Ha!)  Thanks again."
5-29-12 Albert A. said: "Thank you for your smooth and very professional inspection that you performed this morning. My wife and I really appreciated your services today, and your quick analysis of the house. I'll be happy to recommend you to all my friends."
5-16-12 Duane G. said: "Thank you for your quick response as well as your thorough inspection."
5-14-12 Rich P. said: "Thanks so much for your effort today on our behalf."
3-30-12 Daisy D. said: "I am extremely pleased with the great job you did. Will definitely recommend your services."
3-29-12 Thomas P. said: "Thanks again Joe, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I'll be sure to share your business with others."
2-08-12 Scott F. said: "Thanks again for a great job. I had a good time chatting with you as well."
2-05-12 Mike D. said: "Thanks for a thorough job."
2-02-12  Caleb F. said: "Thanks Joe, you did a great job today. I will be sure to let anyone thinking/needing a home inspection know about your service. Thanks again."
1-18-12 Mike S. said: "Thank you very much for the inspection and the pictures. I really appreciated it."
12-09-11 Judy S. said: "Very thorough report Joe, thanks."
8-31-11  Barb W. said: "Thanks, Joe. Another good job."


8-12-11  Louis S. said  "It's been a pleasure to do business with you. You are an ultimate professional."


6-11-11 Carole H. said "First of all, thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness. I was truly thankful that you were recomended to us."


5-15-11 Barb T. said "You did a very thorugh job on the home inspection. Thank you so much!
4-05-11 Nancy J. said "Thank you so much for your time yesterday - I truly appreciated that you took extra tme to fully explain what you were doing, why and the results - it was an invaluable education for me. I would recommend you to anyone.


3-10-11  Brian B. said  "Thanks for all your help on saturday, also my parents asked me to thank you as well. They promise to recommend you to all those in need of an inspection, and it may be themselves at some point."
12-28-10 Greg M. said "I hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks again for the thorough inspection."


9-16-10 Eric O.  said   "Thank you for the pictures, inspection and report today. I really appreciate it and look forward to the remainder of this home buying process. I will definitely recommend you to others."
05-11-10 David K. said: "Very nice to meet you today. You did a very thorough and professional job and we appreciate it. We're happy to let others know about our great experience with you. Take care, David"
04-04-10 Mike C. said: "I really appreciate your profesionalism. You have made this situation far easier for my wife and me as we get into our new house, and for that we really thank you. It is rare to find professionals who handle situations in this manner."
03-16-10 Julia P. said: "We really appreciate all your advice and help. We look forward to seeing you for the water tests and will definitely provide a good recommendation/reference to anyone that may be looking for a home inspector."


02-26-10 Rob P. said: "Thank you for a job well done. You were a pleasure to work with and we will keep you in mind for ourselves and others that may need your services."


10-20-09 Steve Q. said: "Thanks, Joe. I was very happy with the thorough job you did."
09-23-09 Aaron S. said: "You inspected my house in Lyndhurst earlier this year - great job and I have referred friends to you since."
08-11-09 Patrick R. said: "First of all, I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on our home inspection. Although we are not in our home yet, I am already very appreciative of the manner of excellence in which you worked the day I was with you."
05-02-09 John R. said: "Thanks for everything today. From the flexibility of the scheduling, your attention to detail, down to your instructions for me on how things operate. I really do appreciate all of it. Thanks again."
04-03-09 Justin Y. said: "Thank you for doing our home inspection. My wife and I thought you did a great job as it was very thorough and you explained a lot! I will be sure to pass you card along to anyone I know who might need your services."


05-29-08 Lori D. said: Thank you so much for letting us know about the potential problem with house we are purchasing. We are in the process of getting that corrected. We will definitely keep you in mind if we are in need of a home inspector."


01-24-08 Jason A. said: "First I would just like to say thank you for doing my home inspection this past weekend. I greatly appreciate how you were able to give me the good, the bad and the ugly with the utmost professionalism."
08-06-07 Despina M. said: "Thank you for the information and thank you for your work on Saturday- I need to tell you that I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness. My brother and I have had experience with other inspectors and we both agreed you far surpassed them."


07-24-07 Don K. said: "Thanks Joe! You were awesome. I really appreciate the effort."

06-29-07 William H. said: "Thanks for the thorough job you did."

05-21-04 Dean F. said: "Thank you very much for the outstanding job that you did for us yesterday.We greatly appreciate all the time you took to explain everything."